Justin Crossing Development Agreement Approved: 160 Homes & 25 acres of Commercial

The City Council recently approved a development agreement for approximately 63 acres of development at the Southwest Corner of FM 156 and John Wiley.  This development, Justin Crossing, will consist of 160 residential homes, a small park, a trail connection north to John Wiley, and approximately 25 acres of commercial development. 

This commercial development is primed to serve as one of the most significant business districts within the City due to its location at the future intersection of FM 1171 with FM 156.  Providing access straight east to I-35W, this future retail development is an ideal location for a national grocer, as well as restaurant and neighborhood services retail. 

The future FM 1171 connection will provide a much-anticipated above-grade crossing which will span the BNSF railroad track, the GE test track, and FM 156.  Coming down to grade at Tally Blvd (recently renamed from Centre Blvd.), motorists will be able to continue west on John Wiley, or travel in either northern or southern directions to loop back to FM 156 for north-south travel. 

For more information about Justin Crossing and the various sites available, please contact: 
Preston Walhood
Warner Group, Inc. 
4040 North Central Expressway, Suite 850
Dallas, Texas 75204
(214) 368-0238 ext. 220